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Friday, August 6, 2010

Hibiscus meets Texture Magic

Today I want to share with you a new pattern and product. Isn't it gorgeous!! I love it and the fabric is definitely one of my favorite tropical prints. It is a drawstring bag with beads on the ribbons as accents. Here is the inside.

Next time I will add some pockets. It is pretty roomy inside but pockets are always a great addition. This is also the small version. The bottom is what I especially wanted you to notice. It is done using a product called Texture Magic. You sew it on the wrong side of the fabric you want to texture, and use steam to make it shrink down and it will form this really cool effect. Take a look at this.

Neat huh? This is the before and after below;

and here is the comparison close up of the two fabrics:

I love the result and will be definitely doing some more of these. The Texture Magic isn't cheap though. So you really have to plan on what you are making with the piece before you start cutting. I got this bag and an infants outfit with the piece I had. It shrinks 30% down from original size. You stitch any pattern you like or just stipple. I did diamond shapes that were an inch apart on this bag. It was a quick bag to sew up too. The "texture" took the longest.  Both the Texture Magic and pattern I got here.
Will be definitely doing some of these up for the craft fair and a few more for me and my daughter and maybe some gifts:)
Thanks for dropping in ..........really appreciate it. Hope you come back tomorrow. Some My Digital Studio stuff to share with you.

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