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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WOW - this is amazing!!

I don't have any pictures today, but wanted to share a link/video that my MIL sent to me.  You may have seen this already, but I still wanted to get it out there.  It is absolutely amazing.  You will get goosebumps about half way through.  If you are an emotional person like me, then you will get some tears too.  So make sure you have kleenex.
The video is about 8 minutes long, so please check it out.

Have a great night and hugs to all

A historical day today!!!

Today was a historical day for us in Kelowna!  The torch relay was coming through Kelowna on its way to Vancouver.  My daughters school had a field trip to go watch the torch carrier on the highway.  It was so awesome and what a feeling to see him running right past us.  My pictures aren't the best but at least my daughter and I can say that we were there and saw it.  Here are some pictures for you to see. The Coco-Cola truck was getting the crowd going.  There was three of these motorhomes (I think) that were travelling with these torch carriers.

This is Jory Schlitt carrying the torch.

Afterwards, the kids went to the Willow Park Church for some hot chocolate and a few games to warm up before our journey back to school.  It just so happened that Jory dropped in after he was done for the kids to meet him.  He answered the kids questions and let some of them hold the torch.
Sorry for the quality of the pictures inside the building.  It was a little yellowy.  This is one of the Grade 6 teachers asking Jory some questions, as well as the kids. My daughter Shaelyn standing on the left.

Everyone had a great time and I'm glad that I went along. The weather was decent and all our snow is melted.  We got up to +4C today and sunny:)  Hope that this is a sign that spring is on its way.
Tomorrow I am going to Linda's Quilt Shoppe to participate in making pillowcases for the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge.  We have been challenged by another local quilt shop and we have to beat them:)  Linda's is doing it on Friday as well but I am going to help out tomrrow.
Thanks for dropping by and leaving all your awesome comments.  I love reading them all.
Warm hugs

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Altered frames

Happy hump day!  It's already Wednesday which means we are closer to the weekend.  I can't wait.  I've been resting up and finally got rid of my headache that I had for 3½ days.  I kept waking up with it and it just wouldn't go away.  Still fighting the cough part though and so is my daughter.  We will just have to hang at home this weekend and rest up - I don't mind at all.
So I wanted to show you some altered frames and shadow boxes that I did.  Some were Christmas gifts and some I just put together.  I really love reading quotes and poetry, and using them in frames for special gifts.  Simple, easy to do but displays a beautiful message.
This first one is in my daughters room.  I just love the words and had to do it for her room.

I love the saying in this one too about hope and dreaming.
This heart-shaped one is for my very special MIL.  I just love the DSP on this frame and the colors.  Could be easily altered for a Valentine's gift.

This poem was sent to me by a very sweet angel.  It is one of her favorite poems so I put it into this frame and sent it to her. 

These next few are shadow boxes.  I just love how they look.  I wasn't sure how to alter a shadow box before until I wanted to try something different for a gift.  I was hooked after the first one.  The first two are the same but with different colors of roses.  Most of the wordings are printed on DSP with my printer.  A couple of them are stamps.  I'm always looking for great sayings on stamps because they are so perfect for this type of gift or even the front of an address book.

A closeup of the vellum butterfly.  Can you see the pretty glitter?  You should see it in the sunshine!  Looks so awesome.  Very pretty.
So there you have it.  I wanted to share something since it has been a few days since I have been here.  I will be working with some new SU products that I received.  I love it all and can't wait to try the new unmounted stamps and new punches.
Enjoy the sunshine if you are getting any.  We/ve had some pretty mild weather these last few days and it's supposed to last for the rest of the week.  I hope that the winter is on it's way out - I am so ready for spring.
Hugs to all

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My favorite

I'm not feeling 100% and I'm definitely coming down with something.  I have body aches, my head hurts, my throat is sore, and I'm almost sure my dear son is sharing his cold with me.
I did want to show you some projects that I mentioned a few days ago, before I went MIA.  I absolutely LOVE purses.  I colllect them:)  Sometimes I will even buy one so I can copy it.  And I have lots.  The more difficult to make, the better.  I love a challenge.  I took a class last year at the quilt shoppe and made some totes that are perfect for everything.  I used mine everyday but they would also work for the beach (which I did), diaper bag, business tote, crafters, what ever.  What I love about this bag, is you can make it personalized for anyone.  Each one has 3-4 different matching fabrics, loads of pockets, a FOB, an inner pocket for a laptop, business card pocket and can be personalized.  This is my first one I did using Amy Butler fabrics (one of my faves).  I 've had some requests to show you so here they are:

This is the front side and back side.  Note the travel strap (turquoise) on the back.

Here you can see the inside pockets, FOB and centre laptop pocket.
This is the bottom reinforced with suede.  And the drawstring side pockets perfect for water bottles, cell phones, anything small that you don't want to lose and have easy access too.  My keys would go in here.

Here is the closeup of the personalization.  It was my first and after I embroidered it, I realized the color blended a little too well.  But I still love the look. 
Here is one I did for a door prize at a retreat in Kananaskis, AB:

On this one, I used leather for the bottom AND straps.  I love how clean this one looks.  The gal that won this door prize was really happy:)  I'm working on a couple more, so when they are done, I will definitely post them.  The fabrics and colors are awesome and I added a little bit of my own touch to them.

This is another bag that I did for a special secret sister.  We have become good friends and email each other often for the past 3 years.  This is Amy Butler fabrics again.  A wallet to match, luggage tag and a passport holder.  Can you guess what her favorite color is??? LOL
I really love this next bag - the print on the fabric, colors and perfect for the beach.  Another bag for a different secret sister.  It's lined with chocolate brown linen.\

Well that is it.  I really do love to make these.  Thanks for letting me share with you.

I am off to get the kids from school and then I think I am going to lay down and get rid of this cold.

Warm hugs

Monday, January 11, 2010

Remember when........

So did you notice me MIA?? I'm sorry about that, but I had full intention of posting the next day, and I was sooo exhausted. I made a promise to myself that I would try and get to bed at least before midnight. It's not working out so good yet - LOL. Friday and Saturday were both 4 am and last night I did manage to get to bed at 1 am but took a ½ hour to fall asleep and then was awoken by a nasty cat fight outside the bedroom window. You know those awful growl noises they make. I can't stand that noise, so I jumped out of bed, ran outside and through a plastic bottle at them to get them to take off. Finally they did. I'm sure it was 2 by the time I fell asleep. I am still tired so hopefully early to bed tonite and hopefully I won't get my second winds at night anymore. I hate it when that happens LOL. So now on to the project that I was working on over the weekend and that was keeping me up til wee hours of the morning.

Remember when you were young, and writing in your journal or diary every night about your thoughts or what went on at school, who likes who, etc.  Here is a neat version of that:

This is the first part of the birthday present for my daughters girlfriend - she just turned 11. My daughter chose all the fabrics, colors and designs to match her friends bedroom.  I put it together. Looks like an ordinary pillow right??  But it's not.  If you look at the first picture, you can see ribbon on both sides of the pillow.  Undo the one on the right and when you open it up, this is what you will see.  A secret pocket.

This secret pocket holds her personalized journal/diary.  The picture of both shows the full set.  I embroidered the front and added the Dreams and Wishes to the centre.  The inside pocket holds a pen and she could maybe put in a photo or note or something inside the larger.  Check out the ribbon page marker.  It has a little key and the letter L for her initial.

The cover for this journal took a little longer and was giving me trouble.  There were some errors in the pattern too which didn't help.  Note to self - don't try out a new pattern if you need it the next day:)  I still love how it turned out and have plans for more of course with different themes.

Here is the set together.  The pink is fleece and so soft.  The little embroidered picture below the poem is a kitty laying on a pillow.  She loves cats.  The best part of her getting this gift was she gave me a hug and her mom cried.  I love reactions like that.  Feels good.  She was even showing it off to her mom's company that showed up later.
I'm off to finish yet another project for a friend.  I will be back for sure tomorrow.  Waiting for my new product to arrive from SU today.  Hopefully it will be soon, then I can start playing with the "new" and post some cards too!!!!
If anyone has secrets they can pass on about posting photos and getting them to stay where they are put, or getting rid of tabs, etc, please share with me.  It never posts the same as the way I type it and the photos keep moving :(  Thanks
Enjoy your day

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good evening!!!

Since I got here a little later than planned, I am going to do my best to keep this short(er).  LOL.

To start, I'm a little down.  Today was my birthday.  I don't mind telling you that I am 21 with 25 anniversaries (lol). You do the math:)  I'm upset cause the birthday presents that I ordered for myself didn't come today either.  I've been waiting it seems forever, but I'm crossing my fingers that they will be here at least by Friday so I can play in my studio this weekend.  Now I got that out of the way, let's get on with it.

As promised, my little model is here..... or her pictures are.  She dressed up just for me and I only have to pay her a "bubba" and a jar of peas for letting me take her picture.  Not tooo bad, huh.
So I got this pattern for Beanie Bibs off the internet.  They are adorable little bibs for holding the beanie or soother.  Top side is cotton, with a layer of batting and flannel underside.  They were great for catching drools too when teething.
Anyway, here is Presley.  She is 5 months old and a doll.  She is such a good baby and sleeps through the night from day one.  WOW!  So here, check it out:  The first one is the two I made, and I have more to do still. I'm thinking of doing some with embroidery pictures and little sayings like "spit happens", etc.

Isn't she a doll.  She was so co-operative .  You get the idea and you can see both the front and back, as well as the snap that holds the soother.  Pretty handy.  Thanks Presley..... and mom!!!

So since I am showing you baby items, which happens to be a favorite of mine to make, whether it be clothes or accessories, here is one more item I made a while ago.  I plan on making some more of these for sure with matching shoes. Keep in mind this was my first one and before I got my embroidery machine.

Can you get how the whole little outfit goes together with snaps, on the bottoms section, under the arms and down the front.  You don't need to pull this one over their heads.  Just lay them on top and snap up.  I have lots of ideas for this one, especially the summer.

I hope you don't mind me sharing all these with you.  Let me know what you think. Hoping this post goes up on time before midnight so it posts on Wed.  Still getting used to that too.  Guess it wasn't all that short either.

Anyway, hope you are all staying warm.  If you drop by tomorrow, I will show you my top of the list project that I love to sew.  Any ideas????

Sweet dreams
Ok, so what I wanted to share with you tonite, I can't.  I'm waiting on a beautiful "little" model to get her picture to me with one of the projects on.  It'll just look so much better on than just laying there - know what I mean:)  So don't forget to check back tomorrow to see her.  She is a darlin'.
Since I had to change my plan, I decided to show you some Christmas projects.  Christmas is my absolute favorite time to craft.  Whether it be sewing, altering, embroidery or papercrafting, I really enjoy making each gift personalized for the special someone.  That's what's so cool about making your gifts - it is totally made for them right down to the card to match.  Right?
Here are some pictures of gifts I made for teachers', friends, family and secret sister gifts.  They loved them and it was so cool reading/hearing their reactions when they got it.  It's the best part.  Anyway, here are some Christmas ornaments - clear glass balls and Christmas angels, and a very special angel too:)

The images are stamped on acetate, colored from back side and then cut to the shape of the glass ball but a little smaller, roll up and slip in to the bulb.  Then add embellishments.  Aren't they awesome.  The box I made for the penguin holds the penguin up from the ribbon to the top of the lid.


And my Christmas angels (lots of colors):

This one was for my Christmas secret sister (she's all white):

And this one is the "special" angel. Some of you may know that my Mother passed away at a young age - she was 29.  I was 10.  So when I saw these angels, I thought that I could make a special angel for our tree in memory of Mom. Isn't it pretty, looks awesome on the tree too.

I've decided that I am going to make some more without the Christmas embellishments, and then they can hang them in their windows, from a rearview mirror, or anywhere they choose.  Have the same color options and personalize if they want to send to someone special they are thinking of.  Whatcha' think?  I love the idea.

Okay that's it for tonite.  A little later than I expected but I got it done.  Sorry for the long post again, but I promise they will get shorter:)  Don't forget to pop back tomorrow to see my beautiful little model:)

To all my "sisters" visiting me, Thanks!!  Love ya guys,

Sweet dreams


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