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Friday, September 28, 2012

More Towel Ideas....

So today I wanted to share a couple other towel ideas as promised.  They could be used for gifts for any occasion.  The first is a set of His 'n Her towels that were done for a custom order for an anniversary.  This couple loves penguins so.............

We found these penguins.  Boy and girl and he has some flowers for her.  Awwwww, so cute and totally screams anniversary to me.  Needless to say they loved them :)

These penguins are a little more "cute" but still say anniversary too.  I can't tell who is blowing the kiss to who but I love the chubbyness of these little guys.
You could also hang these during the holidays for guests coming to visit.  They would love this idea!

Better run to get more pictures taken.  Lots of projects to share, lots more projects to get done with the holidays not tooo far away.

Enjoy your day :)

Sue & Char

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey everyone!  Hope you are all having a great week!  Been super busy at work so haven't had much time to get on the computer.
Char, my partner in crime, came to visit me from Kelowna.  We had so much fun running around checking out the "fabric" store here and found another little quilt shop in Trail. We didn't get to do any creating since I'm still unpacking, but checked out and planned some future projects.  We even went to a small fall fair that was on over the weekend and checked out what competition there would be for us next year.  It was like a  mini Armstrong Fair or Rutland May Days, just no rides, but they had horses!  Small town fair for sure.  Didn't see anything similiar to our products so we are planning to go in next year :)  Could be fun doing a small town fair.
Did you see the new picture I added of the two of us on our sidebar?  My son did a mini photo session with us since we had absolutely no pictures of the two of us.  Figured we may need them in the future, so I put on up LOL.
Today I want to share with you some kitchen towels that would make awesome gifts.  Whether it be wedding, birthday, Christmas - they can be personalized any way.  

They each come with a matching crocheted dish cloth as well.  We will be doing some Christmas themed ones soon too ~ since it is under 100 days away hehehehe.  I say that for a girlfriend of mine who I keep bugging about Christmas not being too far away.  Hey Vanessa??
Anyway, you can always email and let us know what color combo you would like and what design.  I will be sharing some more towel designs and styles which are totally cool!  You can also check out our Facebook page from the link on the side to see other ideas too and LIKE us if you want :)  Never too early to start planning for gifts right?

Thanks for stopping by!


Sue & Char

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some big changes are happening..........and already started!!

Hey friends ~ first an apology for my lack of posting for the past few months.  A lot of changes going on in my life this year, and all good!

Our family has relocated to Castlegar, BC, which is about 3-1/2 hrs from Kelowna.  It is only our second week living here, but we were working here most of the summer for my husband's company.  He's been working down here for a year and a half, just travelling home on Fridays and returning again on Sundays.  Got to be too much and he didn't like coming to Kelowna anymore.  He didn't consider it home.  We were asked to open 2 weeks early with all the flooding and it's been non-stop busy since.  It is a big change for two of our kids in school and our oldest just graduated and is working full time with the family business.  It's great - my hubby, me and our oldest all work together with a great group of staff and the other two kids are working whenever they aren't in school.

Castlegar is very peaceful and much less traffic than Kelowna.  I don't miss that but I do miss being able to run to my favorite quilt & fabric store within minutes, and Michaels too!  And of course, my friends!!  We are still unpacking and setting up.  Since we started working and kids going to school days after we moved in, there has been no time.  Not even my computer is up yet but the tech comes tomorrow to do all that.  For now, I am using my hubby's laptop, so for now, I can't post pictures.

Some other news - I am no longer a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  For now. It was just too slow when I was in Kelowna so I started to concentrate on my sewing and embroidery business instead.  Now this is my new (old) passion.  I love it and it will only get better from here.  I will still continue to make cards and other altered items, as well as for sale.  Lots of plans for our business, meaning my new partner who is a  great friend and joined with me a few months ago, are going to continue with Dreamscape Studio.  We are continuing with custom orders and product for sale on our Facebook page, plus we are going to be loading our Etsy shop in the very near future with lots of unique gift giving ideas! And personalization is always available so think of Christmas wish lists you may have - I will keep you posted on that. We are also planning some other new ideas and branching out for our business but can't say too much just yet :) We are really looking forward to the future of Dreamscape Studio and only want to grow and succeed..........and we will.  Watch for contests, new product previews & specials and more fun stuff, so be sure to clik over to us and like our page. I will also post some here too so you will always be updated.

So as scarey as it was for us all, we know we did the right thing by moving the family here.  So much positive for our future can happen here and we are all excited about that!!

A note to those with orders, I will get on those asap so thank you for being patient while I get back to organization again.  And I will get there - I promise. LOL

I miss doing my blog updates and posting pictures of our creations.  I hope you will continue to follow and support us as we follow our dreams.

See you all again soon


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tropical Toucan

Hey everyone ~ happy hump day!

First day of spring was yesterday and I woke up to a huge black cloud over us, blowing like crazy and rain, bits of snow....... and then the afternoon was beautiful blue skies and a little wind.  Sure hope it starts to get warmer and no more snow!! I am so ready for summer :)

Today I want to share another tote bag that I did for a friend.  Actually, she custom ordered it for her friend and only asked for it to have a toucan and a little tropical-like.  Perfect! Right up my alley!

 I absolutely love this decor weight fabric and it was a perfect match for the embroidery design. 

A little closer of the toucan detail....such a fun design to create!

A little grassy trim that was on the selvage edge from the main piece of the tote that I cut off.  Rather than throw away, I thought it would be a great trim for the design.

And a quick view of the inside -

This is one of my favorites I think so far.  And they are getting very popular.  I think this is the 7th or 8th one my girlfriend has ordered for a gift!!!   Thanks Tracy <3

I'm off to finish another project for our stock - a distressed aviator jacket for a little man.  It is very cute.  And one more picture for the road........................

Totally suitable for the summertime I would say :)

Thanks for dropping by friends.............

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Since I have been doing more in sewing than cardmaking lately, I wanted to share with you a couple of websites that I like to go to.

If you are like me, and lots of other ladies, you love bags, purses, totes!  I love to get new purse patterns and tutorials.  Christine has some awesome patterns and they are in PDF downloadable files, so it's instant.  I get very impatient when I am waiting for new patterns LOL.

Here is her blog - ChrisW Designs The picture below is one of her new FREE patterns so you should go and check it out!  Her tutorials are awesome - very detail instructions and lots of pictures.  I have also bought lots of her tutorials and never been disappointed.  ChrisW Designs is also on Facebook, so be sure to check for the link on her blog and for her shop.  Some awesome bag tutorials for you to choose from.

And since we are talking about making bags, you will need a place to get some beautiful fabric.  Michelle from The Life and Times of The Hypernoodle is great.  By Michelle's definition of 'hypernoodle', I will say that I am one too! LOL. Go to her blog and you will be updated with sales, coupons, giveaways and what's coming.  Plus the links for her fabric shop and her purse shop are there.  Her website has the best pictures for viewing the fabrics, AND she also pairs them up so you can shop for co-ordinating fabrics easily.  Michelle carries lots of my favorites like Michael Miller Fabrics · Alexander Henry Fabs · Amy Butler Fabrics · Ty Pennington Fabrics · Free Spirit Fabrics · Ann Kelle RKAUFMAN and Robert Kaufman. Shipping is quick too!  Michelle's purses are beautiful and very professionally done!

You want to make a bag today?  Go check both of these places and you can get started.  I have my patterns and new fabrics - now to decide which one I'm doing and with what print. Life is rough huh? LOL - I could make a few too :)

I hope you enjoyed this info.  I will be posting more about sewing related projects and products.  I need to push myself for some upcoming events and not slack off - need to build my stock up again. 

Will chat with you all later - leave me a comment and say hi :) and remember ...................


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