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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Apologize............

I first, want to apologize for not being consistent in my posting before Christmas.  I have been a terrible blogger.  It got so busy and trying to stay caught up with orders and family stuff, I ran out of time.  I also started a new job which I absolutely love.  I will, however, be doing my best to keep up on my blogging from this point on.

With that being said, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and that you were surrounded by family and friends.  We had a quiet Christmas, but lots of fun.  Saw some family and talked to others that were further away.  Nothing big planned for the new year except hanging with the kids and watching movies, and playing games.  I can't believe that Christmas came so fast and New Years' is almost here.  The time is flying by.

I do have something to share with you.  It was a custom order for a friend's neice for Christmas.  I absolutely love the colors and simplicity. They only wanted to use the three colors - black, white and kiwi, with a little bling.  Pretty huh?

Here is a close up of the bling and the embellishment.

And the inside, back cover.
Think I will be definitely making some more of these for my craft fair at the end of January.  I missed doing them and it felt good to be able to pull out all the supplies and create.

I do have some items to share with you tomorrow.  So hope you pop back tomorrow.  Enjoy your day and stay warm. 

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