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Sunday, March 28, 2010

We all need one of these!

I know I do and my daughter wants one too.  This is a covered jounal that you keep track of all those blogs, websites, and online stores you go shopping and the passwords that are needed.  Or even keep notes of each  place you visit and maybe a wish list.  A very handy book.  I definitely have to make more of these - maybe for the craft fair:)

Here is a close up of the front.  Don't know why it looks green though.  It is the same as the one above.

I also covered one of those RSVP pens with the matching Designer paper.  Makes for a nice gift too.
Here is a another one I did paired with this one. 

Both have the same label on the front "User Names & Passwords".  So which one do you like? 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your evening.

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  1. Cute Sue! I have a sheet of paper that I put all mine on and then updated it- now I have lost my original. LOL! That one on the right is so pretty!


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