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Friday, March 26, 2010


Bet you're surprised to see me huh?  I'm soooo sorry for being away for so long.  Life has just been super busy and I think I also ran myself down.  So much always going on and up late all the time.  There is just not enough time in a day you know. 
I'm really happy that spring is here too.  With the birds singing and the buds are all showing on the trees, the sun is even sticking around.  Not today mind you - it was pouring rain all night and some today.  This weekend promises to be nice though.
Ok, I do have something to share with you.  Now that I can post it and show it - LOL. 

Isn't he cute??  It was for my secret sister and she is a cat lover - to say the least. Her cat's name is Boots and he crafts with her.  I colored him with copics and still tryin' to master that.  I think it turned out pretty good though.  Her favorite color combo is pink and black or pink and brown.  So this matches one of her favorite combos. 
Glad you like the card Cheryl:)
Make sure you come back tomorrow for another card - so cute!
Sweet dreams:)


  1. Sue- cute card, perfect for cheryl. I have definately missed seeing you- you gotta plan ahead and post a few days ahead to catch up! LOL


Thank you - I love to hear from you:)


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