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Sunday, March 6, 2011

World's Best

I'm still fighting something - coughing and my stuffed up nose.  Hoping it won't stick around much longer.

My daughter comes home the other day from school and informs me that she wants a going away gift for the student teacher her class has had for a while now.  No notice at all!  It just so happens that I was at the fabric store shopping for fabric for some new projects.  My daughter liked the one project I was going to do and since her teacher's favorite color is pink, it was totally perfect.  So I guess I need to get started and this is what I made.
I love this pattern  I have been wanting to do it for a while now and this was perfect.  Teachers always take a lunch so I was hoping she would like it and of course, use it.
It has a drawstring closure on top and the handle just folds over to the side so it is accessible.
And here it is open.  It's actually quite roomy inside.
My daughter chose this embroidery design - so cute. I couldn't find any solid fabric in my stash that would match so I went with the contrast instead.  
I'm really liking it and will definitely be doing some more.  I already got an order from a friend who wants them for her nieces and she will choose the colors and what design to embroider.  I think she will just go with a monogram or cute picture.
OK, here is a sneak peak for another project that I am near done.

Can you guess?  I will leave it here until tomorrow.  I will share it with you when its complete.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine.  We've got two days in a row now and it's melting the snow!  Could this be the start to Spring?  Sure hope so.

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