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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thank you

I am still alive!  My hubby, daughter and myself have been really sick with some bug.  Body aches, chills, fever, headache - we had it all.  Has to be this nasty weather:)  Actually my hubby brought it home from work and shared it with us.  Such a nice guy huh.  I'm almost over it as well as my daughter.  Just the bronchial cough now.

This is another notecard I made for my stash.  I colored stamp with my markers, huffed and stamped.  Thought it was too plain but I like it now.  Added some stickles to the centre of the flowers (cause I like my bling) and glitter on my butterfly. See it here......

This next one, I honestly didn't know where I was going with it.  I had it all ready to put together and didn't like parts of it.  So punched out some more stuff and pulled out some embellishments.  It wasn't coming together.  Anyway, I ended up with this one.

Still unsure, but sometimes it's better to just leave it alone right? LOL  This image was also colored with markers.  A little bit of stickles was added to the flower.

Saturday, I started my new quilt class and it was so much fun. I didn't get to take any pictures of  my blocks yet, but will be sure to show you.  Then you can see the process as it builds.  Been also working on my previous quilt.  If you scroll down to the previous post, you can see the pictures of the quilts I'm talking about.  Mine are just different colors - TOTALLY different.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope to get back on tomorrow.  It's snowing again but supposed to be sunny and melt it all away.  Just realized that the kids are on Spring break in less than 3 weeks.  I really hope that the weather is decent and springlike by then.

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