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Monday, March 12, 2012

YES, I have returned!!

Yes, I have returned!  It has been way too long and lots has been happening.  Without getting into all the details, let's just say, there has been family issues, tragedies, losses, health issues, employment changes.......and I think that is it LOL.  Not all bad; in fact, some really good changes and more to come. 

So, did you see my new profile picture?  That's my new logo.  Still need to get my banner done for my blog, but need my son's help for that.  I love it, especially the colors.  I had new business cards done, bio cards, sewing labels and still working on more stuff.  This is my year to succeed!  I'm going to make it happen - taking my "business" a lot more serious and treat it like an actual business per se. I've been doing some advertising, trying to update FB more often, and I now have a friend on board with me too, who is very talented :)  Together we will make it grow because we both want to succeed.

We just finished prepping for the Woman's Fair.  It was yesterday at the Capri Centre Mall and over 500 women went through.  There were lots of vendors, door prizes and gift baskets.  We put in two gift baskets:

The Eye of the Tiger tote has been really popular and is so eye-catching.  So we decided to do this with the tiger theme in the accessories as well. 

Back showing accessories

Front showing embroidery

The Made for a Princess basket is sooo cute ~ the 3 pc halter dress with matching hat and panties is awesome in orange batik and textured! Again, the items in this basket are all made in a princess theme for a little girl.

I am hoping they sold lots of tickets! We would love to know who won too! ETA: Just found out that we raised over $500 with tickets being sold by donation.  How cool is that!

You can also check out my Facebook pages for more photos of the latest products I have been working on. There are lots of new and more new to come so be sure to LIKE my page.  There really isn't enough time in a day to do all we want to get done, all our new ideas :) Need a holiday away to just create - that would be so awesome!

I will be adding dates of upcoming events that we are going to be at as well, so you can drop by and visit us. I will also try and update my blog more frequently - would like to get to daily again but we will see :) For now, it is one day at a time.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you continue to stick with us. We have so much new ideas that we will be sharing with you.  You can sign up for updates with your email address (on the side bar) or follow us on Facebook (link on side bar). I will always post new photos of new products we have done, as well as prizes/coupons :) So go ahead, sign up so you don't miss out!!

Last year was rough, but this year is going to be phenomenal! We are totally excited on what's to come!!

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