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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I came back:)

Yes I came back.  Didn't mean to stay away for this long, but still fighting my infection, kids home from school, computer is acting up really bad and just been super busy. 
Although I can't show you what I have been working on this past week, I do have a stationary set to share with you.

This is the front of the holder and is closed with a tab and velcro.  And here it is open holding the cards.  This is a form of OSW (one sheet wonder) but can't find the link right now, but will find out.

These are the 4 cards that are in the set of cards I made.  And here is a picture of the whole set.

I love this color combo.  Pinks and greens.  I never used to like greens of any kind, until I started making cards. Now I love celery and kiwi and of course all pinks, but especially with these green shades.  So happy, clean and springy:)
Still working on the craft fair.  We are up to almost 30 tables that are coming in.  A good variety of crafts too.  We still have 2 months til the fair and I want to fill it up.  If you or anyone you know wants to join us, you can email me.  Or make sure you pop by to see the goodies.  It's on Saturday, April 24th from 10-4.
I hope you like my stationary set.  They are a favorite of mine to make for gifts.  Most that I have given to as gifts say they don't want to use them though.  They would rather save them.  I laugh and just tell them they need to learn how to make some themselves:)
Thanks for dropping by and not giving up on me.  I do appreciate it and all the comments.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine and all my blogging buddies that are getting snow still, I will do my best to send you some sunshine (LOL).

Sweet dreams


  1. what a lovely set! What is that bird stamp called?

  2. WOW -- these are so beautiful!!

  3. Sue these are beautiful girl! I love these little gifts and my friends and family tell me the same thing- I just tell em I will fill em again! LOL.

  4. What a beautiful set of cards. Great job!

  5. Your cards are beautiful Sue. I finally found your blog. Where is the craft fair exactly? Hope I can meet you there.

  6. Beautiful cards!!and holder..Did you find the link? If so could you send to me..Thanks Tina


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