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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some big changes are happening..........and already started!!

Hey friends ~ first an apology for my lack of posting for the past few months.  A lot of changes going on in my life this year, and all good!

Our family has relocated to Castlegar, BC, which is about 3-1/2 hrs from Kelowna.  It is only our second week living here, but we were working here most of the summer for my husband's company.  He's been working down here for a year and a half, just travelling home on Fridays and returning again on Sundays.  Got to be too much and he didn't like coming to Kelowna anymore.  He didn't consider it home.  We were asked to open 2 weeks early with all the flooding and it's been non-stop busy since.  It is a big change for two of our kids in school and our oldest just graduated and is working full time with the family business.  It's great - my hubby, me and our oldest all work together with a great group of staff and the other two kids are working whenever they aren't in school.

Castlegar is very peaceful and much less traffic than Kelowna.  I don't miss that but I do miss being able to run to my favorite quilt & fabric store within minutes, and Michaels too!  And of course, my friends!!  We are still unpacking and setting up.  Since we started working and kids going to school days after we moved in, there has been no time.  Not even my computer is up yet but the tech comes tomorrow to do all that.  For now, I am using my hubby's laptop, so for now, I can't post pictures.

Some other news - I am no longer a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  For now. It was just too slow when I was in Kelowna so I started to concentrate on my sewing and embroidery business instead.  Now this is my new (old) passion.  I love it and it will only get better from here.  I will still continue to make cards and other altered items, as well as for sale.  Lots of plans for our business, meaning my new partner who is a  great friend and joined with me a few months ago, are going to continue with Dreamscape Studio.  We are continuing with custom orders and product for sale on our Facebook page, plus we are going to be loading our Etsy shop in the very near future with lots of unique gift giving ideas! And personalization is always available so think of Christmas wish lists you may have - I will keep you posted on that. We are also planning some other new ideas and branching out for our business but can't say too much just yet :) We are really looking forward to the future of Dreamscape Studio and only want to grow and succeed..........and we will.  Watch for contests, new product previews & specials and more fun stuff, so be sure to clik over to us and like our page. I will also post some here too so you will always be updated.

So as scarey as it was for us all, we know we did the right thing by moving the family here.  So much positive for our future can happen here and we are all excited about that!!

A note to those with orders, I will get on those asap so thank you for being patient while I get back to organization again.  And I will get there - I promise. LOL

I miss doing my blog updates and posting pictures of our creations.  I hope you will continue to follow and support us as we follow our dreams.

See you all again soon


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