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Friday, September 28, 2012

More Towel Ideas....

So today I wanted to share a couple other towel ideas as promised.  They could be used for gifts for any occasion.  The first is a set of His 'n Her towels that were done for a custom order for an anniversary.  This couple loves penguins so.............

We found these penguins.  Boy and girl and he has some flowers for her.  Awwwww, so cute and totally screams anniversary to me.  Needless to say they loved them :)

These penguins are a little more "cute" but still say anniversary too.  I can't tell who is blowing the kiss to who but I love the chubbyness of these little guys.
You could also hang these during the holidays for guests coming to visit.  They would love this idea!

Better run to get more pictures taken.  Lots of projects to share, lots more projects to get done with the holidays not tooo far away.

Enjoy your day :)

Sue & Char

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