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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Finally Settling In

Happy Sunday everyone!
I have been avoiding posting on here for a while but one of my goals for this year is to post way more than I have been. 
A lot of changes with our big move to the Kootenay's and we are all settling in.  Working full time now for our business is great although it takes away a lot of my creating/posting/me time.  I am still trying to get a routine in place for all this.  And I have a much smaller area/room right now for sewing/crafting, but plan on that changing in the very near future as well.  I have lots of plans for growth this to make it all happen.
So today I wanted to share with you a jacket I made a few months back and I dont' think I ever showed you.  Its an Aviator Jacket.

If you click on the photos, you will get a bigger view.  This is made with leather bonded with sherpa.  Its size is a 24 months. It is loose fitting too.  

I embroidered aviation wings on the sleeve.

 Added a patch to the front chest.  Here is the inside sherpa - very cozy

And a matching hat to complete the set.  

I have done several of these a few years ago and they were very popular.
This one will be loaded to my Etsy store - another one of my To-Do-better items.  I intend to load Etsy and keep it loaded again.  Been slacking there big time!
I have a few custom orders to take care of :)  A couple of Ipad covers which I will share with you tomorrow.  Another is a new Baby Boy gift basket filled with all handmade items from me.  A girlfriend of mine that I haven't seen or talked to in about 25-30 years, found me and my Facebook page a few months back. And now she has given me a custom order!!  I am stoked - I am making everything of course, personalized and she is letting me decide what is going in it.  Love it!!
Well I better get busy digging out some of my designs and patterns. She doesnt' need it til May but I want to have plenty of time to plan and get it done, and to her by the end of April.  I will be sure to show you along the way what I fill it with.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  Getting my nails done tonite at Sublime Nails - she is the best here in Castlegar :)  I just might take a picture to show you..............See you tomorrow and remember

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  1. This jacket is just too cool. If I had little ones I would want it.


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