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Friday, January 2, 2015

I'm Back :)  Bring on 2015

Since this is the start of the New Year 2015, I've decided to start up my blog again.  I will do my best to share with you at least two times a week.  I know I have been lazy at blogging and quite honestly, discouraged.  Not having many viewers/readers, I thought why bother if no one is going to read it.  But I used to think that with Facebook and now I am up to 1250 likes, which was a huge jump for me in 2014.  I've gotten so many new customers & friends and done lots of events.  Trying to get my name out there and I plan on doing much more this year!  So with that being said, I will be sharing some of my most popular projects that I have done this past year.....and then some.
I still love making bags, wallets, totes and will create almost anything, if I can, when requested.  I love to do accessories, some home dec and will almost always personalize it with embroidery if I can.
I have a huge event coming up in April at the Castlegar Rec Centre.  You will see an "Upcoming Events" posted on my side bar with dates so you can keep tabs on me too :)  April 17, 18 & 19th for the West Kootenay Trade Show put on by the Castlegar Chamber of Commerce.  There will be 5-6000 people coming through to check us out and I'm so excited, and nervous at the same time.  So much to do before then, lots of stock to make up.
So with that being said, here's some of my creations for you to browse through.  I will forewarn you though, lots of pictures ..............but I will save some for next time :)  Click on them to see details

Up position
I-Pad Covers

Front - Star Wars

Low position

Inside with personalization
Embossed denim w/subway art embroidered

Giraffe Butterfly

Applique butterfly

applique butterfly w/gold accents

Monogrammed w/horse head

custom size - cow print low pile fur w/emb horse

Butterfly swirl

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