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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wallets, Wallets & more Wallets

Sorry I've been missing for a few days.  I've got this cold/flu bug and it has knocked me out.  Hopefully, I'll feel better by Monday for work............or not :)

I wanted to share with you one of my most popular custom orders I get.  The NCW wallet by Emmaline Bags.  I love this wallet.  SO many features and easily customizable.  Even holds a cell phone, plus so much more.  An awesome gift idea for any woman!!

This is the inside of the wallet for the custom set above.   There is room for 12+ credit cards, a coin pocket, a spot for your cell phone and the other area can be used for lipstick, chapstick or a pen, and two places for your bills.  This one has the crossbody longer strap.  You can remove it and use as a wallet, or attach when you are going shopping and don't want to carry a big purse around.

These ones all have twist locks: 

And these have magnetic snaps for closures.

And this one has the push/pull closure.

They all come with a zipper charm on the inside, depending on the theme or occasion or who it's for.  This one was a gift from mom to daughter for Valentine's Day (and she loved giraffes).  It matches the Ipad cover I showed you here that I made for the same gal.  The one with the butterfly embroidery on the front:

A few more inside shots 

So that's probably enough wallet photos for today ;)  Hope you enjoyed looking at them.  If you want to custom order one for yourself, message me on Facebook or email me and tell me what you are wanting.  We will plan it together.

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon

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