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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's is coming!

I have a sinus infection now.  Yes again.  Sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose - if our weather would just get to normal I would be ok.
I have been working on a order for the local quilt shoppe here in town.  I finally finished and delivered them today.  I will show you the Valentine's ones today.  I think they turned out pretty good.  I used some of the new Stampin' Up! products that I got.  Love the new unmounted stamp sets, the punches and the Designer paper. You can clik on any of the photos to get a closer look.............just not to close huh??  LOL

The last picture shows you the inside - the gift card sits in the center sleeve.  I'm happy with them.
Now I have to go lay down.  I've had a sneeze coming on for 5 mins and it still isn't .....................happening.  Drives me nuts.
I'm going to be starting to prep and get some crafts done for the upcoming craft fair at my daughter's school.  I went to the PAC and told them that a craft fair would be a great way to raise some monies for the school field trips, etc and that I would totally love to do it.  They gave me the go ahead and now it is time to start making schtuff. Lots of it too.  I'm really hoping that it will be a huge success and we get lots of entrants.  Spring is the perfect time to do have a craft fair when everyone is out and about anyway. 
I will definitely post pictures for you to see too.
I will post the other Gift card holders tomorrow or later.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting.  I love reading the comments too so thank you for that.


  1. oh those cards are just too cute! I hope you feel better soon.. sinus stuff is no fun at all.

  2. Sue these are stunning cards, I am sorry it took so long to get over here to see em!


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