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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Sorry this will be a little bit long.
I'm sorry for not being around lately. Not intended.  My, still baby girl to me (who is 10) has been in the hospital since Monday afternoon.
She had started vomiting on Sunday night.  Monday morning still not feeling 100% but as the day progressed, she couldn't sit or walk upright.  She also had trouble lifting her right leg.  So I called my BFF and told her the symptons, since she is really knowledgeable about this kind of stuff. I thought it was just cramping from the 24 hour flu.  She was still vomiting everything she ate and drank.  We went to the Dr's and when he saw her hunched over and not able to lift her leg, he tried to get her to lay down.  Checking her stomach he told me I needed to get her to emergency within the hour.  It was a possible blocked bowel since he could here nothing for movement in her abdomen.  They would call an ambulance if I wanted but I opted to take her myself since we both figured we would get in faster.  They faxed over a rush Dr's note saying she needed to be rushed in and an IV for dehydration.
Long story short, we still had to wait an 1½ once there in the waiting room, she's in a wheelchair huddled over in obvious pain.  She vomited again.  Finally we got called and they tried to do a blood test as well as a IV all at the same time to save all the poking.  Couldn't find her veins so they ended up taking blood first.  She was a real trooper.  She just layed there.  After finally getting an IV in, she was still really thirsty and they wouldn't give her anything.  Tylenol was given for the pain.  Did x-rays and all the blood work needed. It all came back negative for a blocked bowel but they knew something was wrong.  They brought in a surgeon specialist to check her over.  By this time, 4½ hrs passed.  Long story short (sorry after all that), they determined that they need to get her into the OR.  They were thinking it could be her appendix.  He said they would do a laperoscopy and check it but even if it wasn't her appendix, they would probably just take it out anyway since it doesn't do anything and this way they were safe just in case.  He wheeled her off to the OR at 10:30 and told us we should go home and tend to our other two and he would call when she was in the recovery room.
We got the call at 12:15 am that she would be in her room at 12:30 so off we went to the hospital. When we got there she looked pretty good considering and was pretty talkative.  A little drowsy though.  Talked to the Dr and turns out her appendix had ruptured in the emergency probably about an hour before going up to OR.  That was when her pain seemed to subside a little.  It had alleviated the pressure when it ruputured.
I have been going up there everyday and all day, coming home today for a 2 hour nap and then back at supper today.  I hate leaving her there but I think it caught up to me.  She is doing pretty good considering this is her first visit to the hospital and staying over.  She still isn't eating or drinking much, just started to sit up and walk around a little, but still vomiting when she eats and fighting a fever off and on still.  The Dr said it is a slow recovery.  Not sure when she will get to come home but hoping for the weekend.
Don't think she will be going to school the first week either. What a way to end the summer holidays.
I'm off to bed so I can get up early and be there early.  She wants me to stay the night so I may just do that. Pack up some of my craft stuff to keep me occupied when she naps.
I will do my best to pop back on.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Poor kid! Good thing you took her in! Get lots of rest!

  2. OH Sue, I'm so sorry! I'm glad she seems to be doing much better! My husband had his appendix rupture during surgery. It took him a whole weekend before he got out of the hospital. They are right, it will take some time. Glad she is on the mend!

  3. Holy Cats.Glad she is getting better.Thoughts are with you .You get some rest too!!Hugs T.

  4. Yes kelli, we were very lucky to be there when it happened. Her recovery is slower, but hoping she comes home Friday. They did say Jenny that it can take the body time to get back to norm. No school the first week and she is really upset.
    Thanks for all your well wishes ladies. Means a lot to me. Off to bed:)


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