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Monday, February 4, 2013

Ipad cover for Valentine's

Hello everyone - I'm glad you came back to see me.  And as promised I am here - 2 days in a row  :)

My son gave me a custom order for an Ipad cover for him to give to his girlfriend for Valentine's.  I went searching and found my pattern and he chose the fabrics to use - after quizzing her a little of course.  And we both knew she loves horses, just like me.  So anyway, here is what we came up with.
You can see her initial and the horse outline running through it.

The back view and closure.

And two different ways to use the stand.  He really liked it and can't wait to give it to her for Valentine's.  So cute....

Tomorrow I have one other to show you that I did.  Just rolling with them now that I've done one.  And now I have 2 custom orders to fill after my girlfriend saw these ones.  I may even do some for Etsy or Facebook - not sure yet.

Off to do some more........... and remember

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