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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Class pictures

Been busy doing classes and prepping for May Days still.  I have a couple of pictures to show you from the OSW class I did and the kids Mother's day altered frame.
The OSW class was on Friday night.  It was a long night.  I will remember to do these ones on the weekend since they take a little longer. I was so exhausted.  This is the box that we also did to hold all 9 cards and envelopes:

The box holds them nicely and it closes with velcro.
The class on Sunday was a kids class for altering a wooden frame for Mothers' Day.  It was a lot of fun and although there was only two kids, with one being my daughter Shaelyn, it was the perfect length of time and they didn't poop out.  Here is the two of them with their frames.  They did a great job!  Shaelyn did hers for grandma instead of me ;)

So that is it for today.  I have more to show you and now that I found my camera, I can post them for you.
Hope to see you back tomorrow.  Hugs

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