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Monday, April 26, 2010

Wonder Onesie

I can't believe I am still catching up on my sleep today.  I had a nap and I'm already for bed again. 
This adorable outfit is so cool.  I love it and love it's ease.  I kind of call it the Wonder Onesie but thinking I may change the name.  Not sure yet.  You can do so much with this one and it is perfect for a baby boy or girl, just depends on the fabric you use. I want to show you a few pictures of this one so you can see why it is so cool, especially for the new mom.  I remember when i was a new mom, I didn't want to pull anything over my babies heads.  With this onesie, you don't have to. So easy to put on.  Check it out. 
This is it all done up with the little t-strap shoes.

This is the first step - opening the buttons (sewin on top of snaps).

The second step - opening the snaps under the arms. See how it lays up away from their head.

And the last step - opening the snaps down each side of the bottoms.  Now it is completely open and ready to lay baby on top.  For easy diaper changing, just undo the bottoms.  There is elastic around the front waist of the bottoms for fit and the legs as well.  I love this!

 And a close up of the T-strap shoe.  Obviously this one particular outfit is for a baby girl.  I have another style of shoe for a baby boy.  I will try and get that one done for tomorrow.  This one fits a 0-6 months size.  I will modify and draft for a 6-12 months tomorrow.

Today I just got 4 orders for this one, all boys 6-12 months, and at the craft fair I got 2 orders and prior to the craft fair I got a few.  I have to get my butt in gear and get these done.  Hard finding cute boy fabric though and definitely not much in my stash.  I've got mostly girly prints.  Better go shopping too.
So let me know what you think?  And what do you think of the name?  Any ideas?  Would love to hear them :)
Have a good one

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  1. this is just adorable, glad orders are coming in.


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