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Monday, April 26, 2010

Wonderful Mother

Sorry for the missed days - I was busy prepping for my wonderful craft fair and so glad it is over. 
Of all the days to be cold and windy after all our beautiful hot sunshiney days, why "my" day???  Oh well, its over and time to start getting ready for the May Days on May long weekend.  Hopefully it will be hot and sunny.
I made this next project for a class I'm doing.  It may not be exactly like this one, just a few embellishment changes,  but pretty close.  The class is for kids to craft and make this and a matching card for mom.  I think mom would love this and to be made by their daughter or son, even more special.

Like I said, some of the embellishements may change.  Thinking of making our own flowers instead, but not sure yet.  These ones are from a craft store.  I was trying to be quick for the craft show. 
I love the quote/poem in this one too.

I have some orders to fill from the craft fair.  I got 2 orders from the little pink/kiwi dress I showed you here and 8 of another outfit that I will be posting tomorrow.  Then there is also Mothers' Day cards to fill too and 3 possible orders for my Hawaiian tote (different fabrics of course).  No rest for the wicked :)

Hope to see you here tomorrow. 

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  1. I don't know how it went for the crafters, but I'm glad I went. I found the headband lady and she wants baby pics for her blog. I'm very happy about finding her.


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