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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Zebra Eyes revealed

I have been wanting to share this with you since I posted the sneak peek a while ago.  I lent it to my girlfriend who wanted to show it to some gals at work.  I got it back from her and then lost my camera, then had no internet, so now I going to share it today - finally!

I've said in the past that I am loving embroidery.  I am addicted big time - just as much as sewing.  Being able to personalize with embroidery now for the special person or the embroidery to match the fabric - it's easy now.

This was a design that I got and I knew what I wanted to do with it immediately and where the fabric was that I needed to get.  So I went to Linda's Quilt Shoppe, got the fabric and went to work on this tote bag.

Here is the front of it.  Fairly plain so I added the rust/coffee color to help "pop" the color from the fabric.

I also added some pockets to both sides of the inside of the tote, since it didn't call for any.  Pockets are important to me and I think most gals like to have them. Right?

I used the main fabric for the pockets and kept the rust/coffee color for the inside.

Here is the top closure.  I love the idea of  having the zipper flat like this.  Some of my friends were teasing me that it wasn't finished because the zipper was still hanging out.  This way though, the zipper extends past the tote top and doesn't curl at the ends being in the side seams.  Here is another view:

You can see how the ends of the zipper were finished.  A piece of  fabric holds on to each end.  
I hope you liked my Zebra eyes tote.  I have a few more ideas that I will be trying to do as well.  Do you all know who Maxine and friends is? The crabby old lady that always has something sarcastic to say?  I love her and will be sharing some designs with her and her friends as well.  Plus my quilt blocks that I am working on are coming along great so need to show you those too.

Stop back again soon and hope your weekend is creative.  So far, mine is :)

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