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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ok, so what I wanted to share with you tonite, I can't.  I'm waiting on a beautiful "little" model to get her picture to me with one of the projects on.  It'll just look so much better on than just laying there - know what I mean:)  So don't forget to check back tomorrow to see her.  She is a darlin'.
Since I had to change my plan, I decided to show you some Christmas projects.  Christmas is my absolute favorite time to craft.  Whether it be sewing, altering, embroidery or papercrafting, I really enjoy making each gift personalized for the special someone.  That's what's so cool about making your gifts - it is totally made for them right down to the card to match.  Right?
Here are some pictures of gifts I made for teachers', friends, family and secret sister gifts.  They loved them and it was so cool reading/hearing their reactions when they got it.  It's the best part.  Anyway, here are some Christmas ornaments - clear glass balls and Christmas angels, and a very special angel too:)

The images are stamped on acetate, colored from back side and then cut to the shape of the glass ball but a little smaller, roll up and slip in to the bulb.  Then add embellishments.  Aren't they awesome.  The box I made for the penguin holds the penguin up from the ribbon to the top of the lid.


And my Christmas angels (lots of colors):

This one was for my Christmas secret sister (she's all white):

And this one is the "special" angel. Some of you may know that my Mother passed away at a young age - she was 29.  I was 10.  So when I saw these angels, I thought that I could make a special angel for our tree in memory of Mom. Isn't it pretty, looks awesome on the tree too.

I've decided that I am going to make some more without the Christmas embellishments, and then they can hang them in their windows, from a rearview mirror, or anywhere they choose.  Have the same color options and personalize if they want to send to someone special they are thinking of.  Whatcha' think?  I love the idea.

Okay that's it for tonite.  A little later than I expected but I got it done.  Sorry for the long post again, but I promise they will get shorter:)  Don't forget to pop back tomorrow to see my beautiful little model:)

To all my "sisters" visiting me, Thanks!!  Love ya guys,

Sweet dreams


  1. I love your ornaments, they are boxed beautifully! The angels are exceptional Sue, what beautiful creations for anytime of the year!

  2. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL work Sue! I have your blog at the TOP of my bookmarks. Thanks for making me aware, and DO keep in touch. ~Sharon

  3. AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME, I love everything - your work is just amazing what more can I say?

  4. Beautiful creations, loved them!


Thank you - I love to hear from you:)


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