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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Favorite tool to make and use.....

Hello friends:) 
Thanks for coming back.  I am so far loving having a blog.  Right now it is kind of easy showing off my projects since there are so many you haven't seen.  I just hope you don't get bored:)

Scrappy sacs are my most popular item to sell on Etsy.  They sold out in the first month and whenever I am in a swap with the gals, I always make sure they get one from me, but personalized and to match their craft room.  And they always love them!

What is a scrappy sac?  For those that don't know, it is a little bag I sew up with quilting cotton and a weighted pillow sits on the table holding the bag.  They are great for all crafters whether you sew, card make, scrapbook, even cross stitch and crochet.  It will hang from any flat surface and the pillow also can be for stickpins or machine needles.  I have four in my craft room, one in each of my kids rooms on their nightstands, one hanging out of the glove box in my van for dry garbage (or change, coupons, etc) - it doesn't matter.  It works for it all.  Anyway, here are some that I have done for past customers and swaps with the gals.
This is a group shot of a few of them.

Some were personalized:

I hope to get more up on my Etsy very soon.  Check back and then you will know how you can get one:)  I apologize for the way the pictures are moving - I can't get them to line up properly.

Hugs to all


  1. Sue - these are amazing. Oh I need to watch for them in your store I want one!!!

  2. Sue - You do amazing work, I can't wait to follow your blog and see what fabulous projects you come up with.

  3. And I definately LOVE mine, it is used daily!

  4. I have seen these in Amanda's store. Did you make them? I thought they were really cute. I like your blog. You are very talented.


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