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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My favorite

I'm not feeling 100% and I'm definitely coming down with something.  I have body aches, my head hurts, my throat is sore, and I'm almost sure my dear son is sharing his cold with me.
I did want to show you some projects that I mentioned a few days ago, before I went MIA.  I absolutely LOVE purses.  I colllect them:)  Sometimes I will even buy one so I can copy it.  And I have lots.  The more difficult to make, the better.  I love a challenge.  I took a class last year at the quilt shoppe and made some totes that are perfect for everything.  I used mine everyday but they would also work for the beach (which I did), diaper bag, business tote, crafters, what ever.  What I love about this bag, is you can make it personalized for anyone.  Each one has 3-4 different matching fabrics, loads of pockets, a FOB, an inner pocket for a laptop, business card pocket and can be personalized.  This is my first one I did using Amy Butler fabrics (one of my faves).  I 've had some requests to show you so here they are:

This is the front side and back side.  Note the travel strap (turquoise) on the back.

Here you can see the inside pockets, FOB and centre laptop pocket.
This is the bottom reinforced with suede.  And the drawstring side pockets perfect for water bottles, cell phones, anything small that you don't want to lose and have easy access too.  My keys would go in here.

Here is the closeup of the personalization.  It was my first and after I embroidered it, I realized the color blended a little too well.  But I still love the look. 
Here is one I did for a door prize at a retreat in Kananaskis, AB:

On this one, I used leather for the bottom AND straps.  I love how clean this one looks.  The gal that won this door prize was really happy:)  I'm working on a couple more, so when they are done, I will definitely post them.  The fabrics and colors are awesome and I added a little bit of my own touch to them.

This is another bag that I did for a special secret sister.  We have become good friends and email each other often for the past 3 years.  This is Amy Butler fabrics again.  A wallet to match, luggage tag and a passport holder.  Can you guess what her favorite color is??? LOL
I really love this next bag - the print on the fabric, colors and perfect for the beach.  Another bag for a different secret sister.  It's lined with chocolate brown linen.\

Well that is it.  I really do love to make these.  Thanks for letting me share with you.

I am off to get the kids from school and then I think I am going to lay down and get rid of this cold.

Warm hugs


  1. Sue~ your totes are sooo beautiful.... very useful too. I love all the pockets and the colors you choose.

  2. Hi Sue! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following : )

    Your purses are fabulous! I'm not a purse-gal, but my 19 y/old daughter is, I will have to show her these!

  3. Sue your work is AMAZING hun!!! I love the bags, they are Awesome!!! Beautiful job!!!

    Hope you are feeling better!! Hugs,

  4. oh wow, you are super talented! love the fabrics and the detail! amazing!


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