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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A historical day today!!!

Today was a historical day for us in Kelowna!  The torch relay was coming through Kelowna on its way to Vancouver.  My daughters school had a field trip to go watch the torch carrier on the highway.  It was so awesome and what a feeling to see him running right past us.  My pictures aren't the best but at least my daughter and I can say that we were there and saw it.  Here are some pictures for you to see. The Coco-Cola truck was getting the crowd going.  There was three of these motorhomes (I think) that were travelling with these torch carriers.

This is Jory Schlitt carrying the torch.

Afterwards, the kids went to the Willow Park Church for some hot chocolate and a few games to warm up before our journey back to school.  It just so happened that Jory dropped in after he was done for the kids to meet him.  He answered the kids questions and let some of them hold the torch.
Sorry for the quality of the pictures inside the building.  It was a little yellowy.  This is one of the Grade 6 teachers asking Jory some questions, as well as the kids. My daughter Shaelyn standing on the left.

Everyone had a great time and I'm glad that I went along. The weather was decent and all our snow is melted.  We got up to +4C today and sunny:)  Hope that this is a sign that spring is on its way.
Tomorrow I am going to Linda's Quilt Shoppe to participate in making pillowcases for the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge.  We have been challenged by another local quilt shop and we have to beat them:)  Linda's is doing it on Friday as well but I am going to help out tomrrow.
Thanks for dropping by and leaving all your awesome comments.  I love reading them all.
Warm hugs


  1. awww Sue it looks like you all had alot of fun today!! WOW what is the weather normally like this time of year????Our weather here has been nicer than normal even with the snow!!!

    LOVE your pics, and they look fine to me!! Your daughter is too cute!!!

    Enjoy your day at the quilt shop tomorrow!!

  2. That is so cool Sue! What a lifetime experience to remember.
    That video is so sweet.
    Have fun quilting!


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