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Monday, January 11, 2010

Remember when........

So did you notice me MIA?? I'm sorry about that, but I had full intention of posting the next day, and I was sooo exhausted. I made a promise to myself that I would try and get to bed at least before midnight. It's not working out so good yet - LOL. Friday and Saturday were both 4 am and last night I did manage to get to bed at 1 am but took a ½ hour to fall asleep and then was awoken by a nasty cat fight outside the bedroom window. You know those awful growl noises they make. I can't stand that noise, so I jumped out of bed, ran outside and through a plastic bottle at them to get them to take off. Finally they did. I'm sure it was 2 by the time I fell asleep. I am still tired so hopefully early to bed tonite and hopefully I won't get my second winds at night anymore. I hate it when that happens LOL. So now on to the project that I was working on over the weekend and that was keeping me up til wee hours of the morning.

Remember when you were young, and writing in your journal or diary every night about your thoughts or what went on at school, who likes who, etc.  Here is a neat version of that:

This is the first part of the birthday present for my daughters girlfriend - she just turned 11. My daughter chose all the fabrics, colors and designs to match her friends bedroom.  I put it together. Looks like an ordinary pillow right??  But it's not.  If you look at the first picture, you can see ribbon on both sides of the pillow.  Undo the one on the right and when you open it up, this is what you will see.  A secret pocket.

This secret pocket holds her personalized journal/diary.  The picture of both shows the full set.  I embroidered the front and added the Dreams and Wishes to the centre.  The inside pocket holds a pen and she could maybe put in a photo or note or something inside the larger.  Check out the ribbon page marker.  It has a little key and the letter L for her initial.

The cover for this journal took a little longer and was giving me trouble.  There were some errors in the pattern too which didn't help.  Note to self - don't try out a new pattern if you need it the next day:)  I still love how it turned out and have plans for more of course with different themes.

Here is the set together.  The pink is fleece and so soft.  The little embroidered picture below the poem is a kitty laying on a pillow.  She loves cats.  The best part of her getting this gift was she gave me a hug and her mom cried.  I love reactions like that.  Feels good.  She was even showing it off to her mom's company that showed up later.
I'm off to finish yet another project for a friend.  I will be back for sure tomorrow.  Waiting for my new product to arrive from SU today.  Hopefully it will be soon, then I can start playing with the "new" and post some cards too!!!!
If anyone has secrets they can pass on about posting photos and getting them to stay where they are put, or getting rid of tabs, etc, please share with me.  It never posts the same as the way I type it and the photos keep moving :(  Thanks
Enjoy your day


  1. Sue I love this! What a cute little idea. As for posting, not sure what you mean about the photos moving. I think it is because you have a L and a R photo.

  2. Oh my gosh Sue.... this is a perfect gift for a young girl who has much to write about.... what a very cute idea~ I bet these will sell like hotcakes. YOu are sooooo creative! LOVE IT!

  3. Wow what a beautiful clever are you..
    Thank you for entering my candy and becoming a follower..I'm following you as well..can't wait to see more of your lovely work..
    Mandy xx

  4. Awwww Sue you did an AWESOME job on this pillow, and love it!!!! Love all the details, and how sweet, im sure her friend loved this gift!!! Very sweet hun!!!

    As for the pics, if you have resized them, and they are smaller than what youve uploaded to begin with that will also make them move. Now I dont know if youve set them to go to the left, or the right, or if you left that part open. When you upload the pics, you will be asked to how you want them centered. I know my pics do the same thing. Even now after all the posts ive done, i still sometimes have to go back and edit. Anyways good luck with that. And for the tab, im not sure what that is?

    Enjoy your week, and cant wait to see what youve ordered from SU!!!



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