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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sweet Angel

Another gift card holder for the quilt shoppe.  A sweet angel from the $1.50 bin at M's.  I love angels and thought she would look so cute on the front of one of these.  Here is a closeup:

See the sparkly wings and halo? And the inside:

I have to say I am really happy. I went in to the store the other day and they are all sold out.  Already.  Need to get busy and make some more - in my spare time.  LOL
I survived my first craft fair of the season at my daughters' school on the 20th.  Sold some things and got lots of orders too which I have been trying to get filled. We were busy from start to finish even though it was cold and snowing.  My cousin even dropped in from Vancouver with her family and it was so awesome to see her:)  Obviously she didn't come up to only see me, but she did stop in.

This past week has been hard.  I did something I have never done before nor would I even consider doing it.  I pulled myself out of the craft fair this past Saturday.  I was fighting migraine all week and stressing cause everything I tried to do wasn't turning out the way I wanted or I was making mistakes.  I didn't feel I would be ok at the craft fair so I opted to not go.  I felt so much better too.  I am, however, getting ready now for the next one on the 4th of December.  SO if you are in the area, drop in to Rutland Centennial Hall.  Everything is hand-crafted. Should be lots of fun and busy I hope.  Let's just hope that all my projects don't mess with me this week. LOL 
I should run and get busy - hope to see you at the fair.  And thanks for stopping by...........I missed ya'll.

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  1. She is so cute Sue- glad to hear they are selling! HOpe things settle down for you.


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