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Monday, November 8, 2010

Meowy Christmas and Lazy Girl

Happy Monday everyone! Feels good being able to post on here again.  Computer issues for the past month and still not done.  Once more in the shop and that should be it.  So today, I wanted to share a couple things with you.

I absolutely adore this little kitten.  A friend asked me to make her some cards for all occasions but they all have to have a black cat on them.  It was a challenge.  I have tons of cat stamps, but don't like coloring with blacks.  I find it difficult to make them look nice.  But this little one is sooo cute.

  Here is the closeup of the fluff I put on the hat.  Did fluff well though. 

Now for the second item.  Even though my computer has been unavailable at times for the past month, I have kept very busy with all projects.  My craft fair is here in a couple of weeks and I was also doing some sewing for the new Linda's Quilt Shoppe second location.

I don't care for the fabric colors, but I love the pattern. Here is the other side:

And the inside:

Check out all the pockets!  One on the front, on the back and the inside has them all around the base.  It's got room for lots of stuff.

That's it for today.  Hope I see you hear tomorrow.  I have so much to show you now.  Crossing my fingers the computer comes back 100% today.
See you then.

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