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Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...............

What a beautiful day it was today!  I got a little fresh air today, but honestly I have been in my craft room most of the time.  Other than getting the kids from school, that's all I have been doing.

The Quigley Craft fair is here in less than a week, so I am crunching down.  I think it is going to be awesome though.  I just hope a ton of people show up.  So if you are in the area on Saturday, drop in.  We have a great variety of crafters going to be there.  It is from 10-4 on April 24th.

This is one thing I have been working on.  Baby clothes.  They are one of my favorite items to sew.  They are so adorable.  I showed my husband and asked him if it makes him want to have another - he had the strangest look on his face.  I think I scared him.  It sure does for me.  I loved the baby stage.  So here it is:

Isn't it adorable?  The Mary Jane shoes are my favorite.  This dress will fit a newborn to 3 months.  The bodice is fully lined with a contrast fabric.  The second photo shows the scalloop decorative stitch I did for the hem.  I thought it would look nicer than just the ordinary hem and add some contrast color.  The shoes tie to the side with a ribbon and are lined with a soft flannel.

This outfit didn't even make it to the craft fair and it already sold.  I had to run to the fabric store and took it with me to match up with something and there was a pregnant lady there due at the end of June.  She wanted to purchase it right there.  I invited her to the craft fair on Saturday - I plan on having a ton more of different colors and styles.  Wonder if she knows already that she is having a girl:)

I will show a different one tomorrow if you want to stop back then.  But thanks for stopping by now too.



  1. OMGosh Sue I wish you lived HERE!!! MY mom is sooo busy, who knows when she will work on 1 with me :( I am in LOVE with this DARLING outfit, and LOVE those SWEET little shoes!!OMY!!!I guess I better go and buy my own patterns and some sweet baby material and try by myself to make something...heheheh, I would love to make all handmade items for my sweet new niece, and her big sissy!!! So now im an Auntie to 2 sweet girls!!!! hehehe :)

    Thank you for sharing this darling outfit hun, now I think I need to get in gear!!!LOL


  2. Uh Sue- Ok, the dress and SHOES are to die for. I would wear them myself but I am going to say that they don't make me want to have a baby (I would get another boy anyways!)but maybe for someone else's baby...........LOL. I think that I am with your husband on that- besides, baby means more work and less crafting! (thinking ahead here girlie!).
    Your show is going to go well and if you run out, take orders.......... no big deal. You should have fun at this, wish I was close and could come and sit with you.


Thank you - I love to hear from you:)


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