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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hawaiian for a boy

Good sunshiney morning
The weather is beautiful and going to be 28C today.  I'm loving this weather and really wish I could have some downtime outside to enjoy it.  I know I will on Sunday after the fair, just hope it is just as nice:)
I have a little boys' outfit to show you.  I do prefer little girls stuff since there is always way more to choose from.  but once in a while, I like doing something boyish.  I used to sew for all my kids when they were growing up and having two boys, I had to find some nice patterns and fabric.  Trouble is, they grow way too fast.
This is a little hawaiian outfit complete with the hat too.  I haven't found any nice shoes to make just yet.  Sandals or thongs would be ideal.

The color is off in the picture of the shorts. Not sure why, but it is bright navy.  Notice the hat is basically a ball cap with one of those skirts around the back to protect from the sun.

I think it is pretty cute.  And perfect for our Okanagan weather:)

Gotta run and keep on going (just like the Energizer bunny).  Have a great day!!



  1. Oh my so cute Sue- yes, but it is always nice to have someone that can make sweet boy stuff b/c it is limited in the stores as well.

  2. I MISSED the tropical outfit--will have to order one from you for Jackson for spring at the beach--he'll be 7-12 months by the end of stays warm where they live sometimes until October.


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