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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kiwi Polka Dots

So I'm thinking I like this one so far the best!  I love the bright colors and the shoes that I did for this one.  Same as yesterday, I was at the fabric stores, two of them, and I sold this one 3 times.  I think I will have some orders to do after the craft fair.
So here is the set:


Here is a picture of what I did for the front of the shoe.  There is a small piece of elastic behind this trim for some give.

I took this picture so you can see how the little strap wraps around the baby's ankle.  How cute huh?

So which one is your favorite so far? 

It's past my bedtime (yes again), but have another outfit to show you tomorrow.

I'm really enjoying making these baby outfits.  And yes Heidi, my girlfriend reminded me that it would be a lot less time crafting if I could have another one LOL.  So I will just keep on making them for others then:) 

Sweet dreams until tomorrow.................warm sunshiney weather again. 


  1. I have to say this one is my favorite........ just adorable! I am so glad you are selling these girl but dang, you are going to stay busy now till Christmas! LOL!

  2. Oh and I am glad I brought you to your senses about having another baby.........

  3. I like the kiwi one! It's so cute!

  4. ok seriously????? does it get any cuter than this???????!!!!!! makes me want to go have another girl. can't wait to see your stuff at the craft fair!!!!!!

  5. Oh yeah...definitely my fav... but I love bright green & pink together... soooo cute!


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