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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tropical tote complete

Hello friends

Hope everyone has been enjoying their Easter weekend.  We went for a day trip to Castlegar on Saturday.  It was awesome and so relaxing.  Until we hit a blizzard/white out in the Crowsnest Pass.  We literally hit all four seasons on this drive.  There was hail, sleet, snow, whiteout conditions, rain and sunshine.  There was deer all over the place.  You really have to watch for them running across the highway.  A guy in front of us had to break so he wouldn't hit a deer and when we passed him, he was pulled over on the side of the road.  When we looked back, his side bumper was dented..........apparently he didn't break in time and hit one.  I hate seeing that.  It was the worst part of the trip for me.  We saw some beautiful country though and boy the people down there are sooo friendly.  And of course I forgot my camera....I was bummed.
So I have been trying to create this slide show for you to see my latest tote.  I figured it would've been easier than posting all thirteen photos.  I couldn't get them to load properly.  I finally tried again today and got them all loaded.................all but one.  The only one that didn't show was the bottom of the tote done in chocolate leather.  Make sure you check out the added handy pocket on the one side of the tote.  And you will see my new logo too.  Feel free to leave a comment - I would love to hear what you think.  This is my favorite so far.
This tote was made for a good friend of mine and our daughters are best friends.  She is a travel agent and wanted a tote so that she could bring her work home whenever necessary, as well as her laptop.  I had picked up the fabric for myself a while back and you all know how much I love tropical theme.  Whether it be decor, color, fabric, clothing - doesn't matter.  I love it all!!  Colleen had seen my fabric and said she had to have a tote made of the same fabrics.  Problem was it was selling out fast so we went to pick it up.  She chose four different co-ordinating fabrics and chose where she wanted each to go.  Neither one of us knew what it would look like until it was complete.  That's half the fun - designing it.  Her monogram is on the front side pocket.  Although it is hard to see, we like it.  We both agreed it should have been put on the chocolate cotton fabric instead but it still looks great in real.  I also added a handy pocket for her on the side of the tote.  Very handy for a busy business women who has to travel on occasion.  And don't forget to check out my new logo.  All the colors I used are in the co-ordinating fabrics.  Colleen loved it too!!!  It turned out so perfect.
So check out the link. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.
A huge thanks to Colleen for her patience.  I am so happy she loved it as much as I do:)  Hugs girlfriend.

Here is the slideshow link for you to see:

I'm hoping to get some spare time after the craft fair to get some of these totes made up for my Etsy store.  I really want to try one in a baby theme for a diaper bag.  I think it would be absolutely perfect and so much room to use as an overnight bag too for baby.  How about a beach theme for going to the beach with all your crafty stuff like magazines, stamped images and coloring tools?  I've done it:)  Even use it for a retreat.  If you are interested in a tote, feel free to email me for more info.
Off to do some more crafts for the craft fair.  It'll be here in just over 3 weeks!


  1. Sue this is stunning....... ok,I have to say there are just so many pockets and stuff that I can't imagine how hard it was to make this bag. So scary but you did a beautiful job and I can understand why Colleen is in love with it.


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