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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Golf Anyone?

Not me that's for sure.  I only like mini golf.  I did go on a field trip with my daughter's class though last month and it was a lot of fun.  And that is what lead me to see that her teachers' liked golfing.  From yesterday's post you would know that my daughter's teacher and her husband both teach there, same grades too.  So whenever there is a field trip, both of them go and both classes.

A couple of years ago, I made my son's teacher a golf towel and he later told me that the first time he went out golfing with his towel that I made, he got a hole-in-one.  So I figured I would do the same for them this year.  They both like blues, so I did hers in lighter and his the darker.

So those are hers.  The little zippered net pocket is for change, keys, whateever you need to keep handy with you instead of in a pocket.  There is also a swivel hook on top to clip on to the golf bag.

Obviously, I did the tropical flower for her since she likes tropical and his a little more masculine.  Matching golf towels - cute!!
In September, I will see if they got a chance to use them and if they got a hole-in-one.  Hoping they did.
I'm off to play.  I've been getting back into it again. Finally and it feels good.  I got lots planned.

Until next time................

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