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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tinkerbell onesie

Today, is supposed to be a beautiful day again after having a couple of "ucky" days of cold blowing winds and rain.  We needed the rain for sure, but not the wind.  We had another big fire break out threatening homes and they had to evacuate 30 some residents.  As of last night, it was contained, they did lose one house to the fire and no one got injured.  Almost a year ago today, we went through this same situation.

Today I am showing you another onesie, this time made out of some adorable Tinkerbell fabric.  It is sooo cute.  Bright and summery.
And to go along with this one, rather than a beach cap or visor, I did a headband using the lining fabric.
Tomorrow I will show you what my daughter was sewing up for her girlfriend's birthday party.  From what I understand, she loved it and even her mom had tears when she opened her gifts.  That makes me happy.

OK, off to my sewing room.  I received a call from  a lady that needs some scrappy sacs.  Haven't done any of those since they sold out at May Days:)  Been hooked on baby stuff LOL.
Enjoy your day and hope the weather is beautiful.

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