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Sunday, July 11, 2010

In the Pink

We are surviving the heat wave!!  Mostly staying indoors and only going out in the evening.  It was soooo hot yesterday and muggy.
I was going to post another wedding card today but a friend emailed and ask about some of the Wonder onesies I've been showing.  She wants a girl and a boy onesie so I would like to show you a girly Wonder onesie today so she can see it..
This one is adorable too.  It is pink with little ducks, bears and lambs with umbrellas.  I love the print on this one.  And to go with this one, rather than a beach cap, I decided to keep it sporty and do a visor instead.

I couldn't find my pattern I used to have for these so I had to wing it.  The strap is fully adjustable with velcro and the inside front of the visor is lined with a soft terry-type fabric for baby's skin.  I think it turned out pretty cute considering it was all from memory from a few years ago:)  One of the few things I didn't forget with old age LOL.

So Maureen, I hope you like it.  Let me know what you decide.

I hope you all like it too - see you tomorrow and stay cool.

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