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Saturday, July 17, 2010


So today, as promised a few days ago, I want to share with you the gift my daughter made for her friend's birthday gift. 
Shaelyn has always sewn a little with me for a couple of years, but last year I put her into a sewing camp that a local quilt shop (Linda's Quilt Shop) puts on for kids during the summer.  It is awesome - Monday to Friday, 9-12 and munchies are all included and they make 3 projects.  She loved it.  So in August, she is doing the next level.  She is really excited and I'm glad she is enjoying it.  My Mother would be very proud of her, as am I.
OK, so on to the purse.  We got this pattern a couple of days ago and Shaelyn decided it would make a great birthday gift.  I thought she was right and could probably sew most of it with a little guidance.

Pretty cute huh?  And not difficult.  Her friend loves purple so Shae chose two co-ordinating fabrics.  We lined the inside with black and added pockets with one of the printed fabrics.  You can also see in the close up picture of the pocket, I made a label for her to put inside to make it a little more personalized.  You have to print backwards and then iron it on.  I think it is a perfect touch.

And here is a close up of the grommets.  They are so simple to use since they just snap on.  
I helped her with the lining and the handles, but Shae did the pocket herself.  They are actually the perfect size for a young lady or yourself.  I will have to try and do another one for my now:) 

We just wrapped the other gifts and put them inside - except for one other larger bulkier gift that wouldn't fit and I will show you that soon too.  We were at the beach yesterday afternoon and I got some pictures of Shaelyn using hers so you could have a better view of it.
So that is if for today.  We are going to all go and see Eclipse tonite.  Shae has already seen it, but is totally game on going again.  I wonder why LOL. 
Anyway, I will talk at you all tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!


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  1. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing your very clever girl's beautiful work!! Good to see the grommets in action, too.


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