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Friday, January 28, 2011


TGIF!!  It has been a long week for me.  Putting in a few extra hours daily at work while the gal that normally trains me is away with the flu, so I've been on my own.  Poor girl, especially when she is pregnant and do at the end of March.  And her little boy is 3 yrs and sick too with fever.  It's going around everywhere.  I haven't gotten the flu yet, but upset stomach for the last few days and feeling drained. 
But, I'm back and hopefully almost back to normal. As normal as can be for now. LOL.
Today, I wanted to share with you some items I altered but can't show you until Sunday the 30th of January because they are for OWOH.  Remember, I mentioned that last time you were here.  Refresh your memory by clicking the link on my sidebar.  It should be lots of fun and lots of inspiration (and prizes) so you will need to come back on Sunday for sure.  Mark your calendars!!!

So, I will show you something else that I made and finally got finished.  I think they are so adorable. They are made with 100% quilting cotton, flannel and minky lining.  Very comfy! The ties come around to the back from the side and tie. A one inch foam is in the sole of the slipper for extra comfort.

I love this color combo and can see it in a tote or purse too. I think I have enough left though for another pair of these.........maybe for me LOL.

That's it for today.  Got some more pictures to get taken and loaded ready for Sunday.  Have a great weekend and will see you here tomorrow.


  1. Your slippers are adorable!!! OMG I love them.. I am your newest follower.. :)


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