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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowflake bear

So with the snowfall we had a couple of days ago, more like a blizzard without the wind, my project is totally suitable for this time of year.
Bunting bags are perfect to keep baby warm when it is cold and nasty outside.  Little hands stay warm and covers can be folded back as well. Unzip easily while indoors and keeps them cozy with lots of movement too. 

This one is for a baby girl that is about 18-21 lbs and 27-28" in length. It's a size Medium. The fleece print is pink with baby blue snowflakes and white polar bear cubs on it.  So here is the embroidery design I chose to add and I think is perfect for this:

Isn't she adorable.  I thought it totally suited the print and had to use it.

So that's it for today.  If you are interested in ordering a bunting bag for baby boy or girl, send me an email.

Thanks for stopping in and hope your weekend was productive:)

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