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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lazy Girl Design

So this purse is a made from a pattern called Claire from Lazy Girl Designs. You can purchase this pattern from Linda's Quilt Shoppe.  I typically wouldn't choose these colors but these fabrics are actually used for the picture on the pattern.  Awesome instructions, really easy to follow and goes together quite quickly.  And made from fat quarters.  The black and white print is a pocket ~

 and the black and white print here is a pocket as well on the back side or other front:)
And to show you how many pockets are inside, look here:

The whole inside bottom is wrapped with pockets!  Really handy.

So if you want to try out a new pattern, and easy to follow, check this one out.  It's on display at the McCurdy Corner location.

So just to clarify as well, you've heard me mention Linda's Quilt Shoppe quite a bit in my posts.  I am not employed nor do I gain anything for mentioning them on my blog.  I just love to shop at Linda's for quality cottons and patterns, the staff is awesome and so knowledgeable and it is really a fun place to visit and check out the quilts and projects that are there.  I even take classes there on occasion.  the best part is I have met some awesome and so talented ladies.  Linda did ask me to do some projects for the store and honestly, I seldom turn down sewing projects LOL.  So if you get the chance, drop in and say hi. 

Thanks for droppin by and get creative.

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