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Friday, January 7, 2011


Looky what I got from my friend Tina!  I was shocked to say the least since I have been slacking lately with posting, but a nice gift to get and on my birthday to boot!  Thanks Tina!

Part of this award, I need to :
- Thank and acknowledge the “giver”
- Share 8 things about myself
- Pay the award forward to 8 fellow stylish bloggers

Now for eight things about me...
1. I am most proud of my hubby and kids!
2. I am totally addicted to crafting of all sorts and could go 24-7 if I was allowed.
3. Started working out of the house again after being a SAHM for 12 years
4. I LOVE coffee
5. I love making ALL my gifts and personalizing with embroidery (my new addiction)
6. I love music and listening/watching DVD's (concerts) while in my craft room.
7. Will be starting yoga and Zumba and getting my body in shape this year!
8. Getting married this year - no, we aren't married but have been together for 21 years.
Now you know a few things about me and yes, there was lots more to tell LOL.  It was difficult to decide what to tell you that you didn't already know.

And to pay it forward to eight Stylish Bloggers in no particular order...I follow so many and it's hard to narrow it down to only eight...

1. Heidi
2. Cindy
3. Cheryl
4. Kelli
5. Tammy
6. Jackie
7. Colleen
8. Jodie

Have fun checking out their talents.................


  1. Hey Sue- thanks. Now I have to go and share about myself.............. ugh! LOL!

  2. Sue - thanks. Now I just need to figure out how to answer and post, lol


Thank you - I love to hear from you:)


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