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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My first quilt...........

I want to share this with you today.  It is my first ever flannel quilt. And boy is it warm and with a little bit of weight too.  Not too much of course.  It wasn't difficult but I had to number the strips after they were together in sections.  When I first put it together, it was a little mixed up and the pattern didn't flow, so I learnt quickly to keep the strips in order so putting it together will be a snap.

I decided to add an embroidery design to the quilt just for fun since I LOVE to embroider.  It's a little possum from a new set of designs I got.  Just so adorable and they have Mylar under the flower part to make it sparkly.  Mylar is a cellophane type of thing used for this.  Here you can maybe see it better:

Can you see the little bit of sparkle coming through on the petals?  Looks so good in real.  I have a few of these kinds of designs that use Mylar and it really adds so much. I didn't get my other pictures loaded so that is why I'm sharing the quilt today.  

My mom just got home from the hospital and my uncle is in critical condition after suffering a major heart attack, second one in a few months but the first was a minor heart attack.  He had 99% blockage and they said they would have done open heart surgery had there been a surgeon there at the time. Hoping he pulls through and can go home soon.

So..........needless to say, I have been a little distracted the last couple of days and  I will get them uploaded soon.  Need to get my house caught up and put away the Christmas decor now, clean and organize my craft room and play for the next few days I have off from work.  Itching to create something and got to get ready for OWOH 2011 at the end of the month - check my sidebar to see what it is:)

See you tomorrow

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  1. that is a sweet image you put on this quilt. And of course, the quilt is beautiful. My first quilt was made in 5th grade, it was a tied quilt and I won a prize for it.


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