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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Heart Strings

Today's card was a fold I have seen on the internet quite a bit, but I failed to record the measurements.  My kids were busy taking turns on the computer and of course, Mom can wait cause she gets to stay up later. That's why I'm always up late Heidi:)  Waitin' for my turn.

So I tried to do it on my own - not that difficult really.  It stands up and that's what counts.

The heart was covered with tinted Versamark and embossed with clear.

The side view. You can see that it leans back quite a bit (not sure if it is supposed to or not) but when you look at the whole front, I think it looks ok.

So that's my Valentine card for today.  I'm getting a few piled up which is awesome.  Need to get some in the mail soon. 
I wanted to say thanks to all the bloggers who are visiting my blog because of OWOH and otherwise.  I really appreciate all your sweet comments.............and even some new followers:)  So appreciated.  I'm having a blast checking all the blogs out.  Man, so much different creativity out there.  It really is neat to check out.  If you want to check out some neat blogs, clik the OWOH label on my sidebar or here to go directly to the list. You could join in too if you like but you need to be an active blogger.
I better get busy.  More to do and more blogs to check out.

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