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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fire Orange tote

I just wanted to let you know that I hadn't forgotten about you.  I am rearranging my craft room AGAIN!  I have lots of projects that I will be working on and needed to get everything cleaned up and organized before I get started.  Just feels so much better:)

Today I wanted to show you a tote that a friend of mine ordered for a friend of hers for her birthday. That was a mouthful.  Warning though, it is very bright. Her friend fell in love with the tropical one I did and said she had to have one.  Wasn't that a nice gift? OK, so put on your sunglasses and check this out!

 The front of the tote with the passport pocket embroidered.
A closeup of the embroidery.  I used chocolate brown leather for the straps and the bottom to add a richness and a little bit more durabiliy.
The back showing the large pocket and the rust orange travel strap.
The side view.  This shows the cell phone pocket which is my addition and the smaller pocket on the bottom which cinches tight.  Perfect for a water bottle.
Sorry they are blurry.  But you can see the closeup of the cell phone pocket and my logo on the lower pocket.  
This pocket is on the other side. These are her initials in the monogram.  I used leather cording for this as well.
A quick look inside - you can see the key FOB I made to match.
And the other side of the inside with the pocket.

Wendee chose the fabrics and where each one was to be used.  She also chose the monogramming and the Escape embroidery on the passport pocket. One of the advantages of custom design - you choose it all.  I just put it together:)  She loves tropical colors and prints just like I do and was taking this tote with her on her cruise. She should be getting back soon by the way and can't wait to see a picture of her with her tote on the big ship!
I can't wait to do some of these up as diaper bags.  The embroidery ideas I have and the fabrics to choose from are endless.

So that is it for today. Hope you enjoyed see this tote.  Like I said at the beginning, I am going to be starting all my projects for May Days right away.  Both papercrafting and sewing so I hope you will come back and check them all out.  
I also will be loading my Etsy store very shortly and will let you know when I do that too.

Enjoy your day and hope the sun is shining like it is here.

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