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Friday, February 4, 2011

Kimono with Koi

So I am here to show you a little Amy Butler kimono I did for the quilt shoppe.  Here it is on display at the store.  Do you see what is missing that was mentioned in the title today?  You will see it in the following photos.  You can clik the photos to get the full view.

Here it is on the inside with the side tie undone.  The little pants actually look like shorts they way they are displayed on this hanger.
Here is a better photo where you can see the pants.  Cute huh??
See? I decided to take it back home and add some embroidery to the front.  I thought this little koi was perfect.  It looked so perfect on there.  
Here he is real close.  Bubbles and all.  LOL.  This was a real fun outfit to put together and I am definitely going to do some more of these for my next event in a few months.  This outfit can also be done with shorts and short sleeve wrap.  Super cute for those warmer months.    I need to start building up stock and I want to have lots to show and no last minute rushes.
Gotta get my butt in gear.  Shaelyn and I are going to be doing some running around today and maybe looking at some more new fabrics:)   It's supposed to be sunny and warm in the pluses:) yeah!!

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